Baru Berkahwin, Wanita Ini Akhirnya ‘Rela’ Suami Dirampas Perempuan Lain

July 3rd, 2015 | by Noraniza
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Malam semalam, kami menerima lagi kiriman emel daripada pembaca yang berkongsi kisah yang dibacanya mengenai sepasang suami isteri yang baru berkahwin, namun kini suaminya telah mempunyai kekasih hati lain.

Malah, apabila kami membaca kapsyen wanita itu, secara automatik perasaan kami sangat tersentuh. Sabarlah. Mungkin ada yang lebih baik.

Dont you feel cheap?

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I woke up this morning, thinking how does it feel to be dating someone’s husband?
Don’t you feel cheap? To think that he’ll be loyal to you? If he could do it to his wife so many times, what you makes you think he can’t do it to you?

To see that whatever he did for you is the same as what he did for me was funny. At that age, anything that he says or do seems wonderful. A flower, cakes, food, etc. He seems like the perfect guy. He’s not the roses type of guy. I could give you a book on his likes and dislikes if you want. I thought that he was perfect when I first met him. So charming I wld say. The reason he could do all that is because he feels powerful and secured because you got nothing (no looks,no career) and he has that power over you.

Betrayed? Manipulated?

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Do I feel hurt? Hurt is an understatement. Betrayed? Manipulated? Yes. Who wont? I thought I knew him. I don’t think you will ever understand that because only women will get it. Girls don’t. Given 8 years, we’ve been through shit that tested us as a couple and we always end up loving each other. I knew him inside out and you wouldn’t even be close to that.

Being the other woman dnt give you the upper hand. Let me tell you this, a man like that is not worth having at all. He could do it to his wife to have you but what makes you think he wouldnt do it to you when he’s bored of you.

I deserve better..

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I’m so grateful that Allah has opened my eyes to the truth. I deserve better. You can have him. No I’m not bitter because you took the love of my life. Im just glad that you did. You saved me from a twisted liar.

Just remember this, you did this to someone’s wife without giving a fuck about her feelings but Allah is watching and it’s Ramadhan. Allah Maha Besar and Maha Adil. You will get your kifarah. I can’t believe you have the cheek to go to our wedding with your family and took photo with us.

To my love..Hidayat Kamarudin

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Ini adalah wajah wanita yang didakwa telah merampas suaminya

To you My Love – @hidayatkamarrudin , I wish you all the best in finding the life that you wanted. The life that you’ve trying to find since 2007. I hope Allah will still love you and guide you to the right path. Thank you for the memories. Her name is Ernie. She’s from ITE College Central. She probably deleted all her social media. @oheyernie

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