Ikuti Kisah Benar Gadis Ini Yang Hampir Kehilangan Mata Kerana Contact Lens

September 8th, 2015 | by Ash Nordin
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Bagi yang rabun atau kurang penglihatan mesti kadang-kadang agak rimas pakai cermin mata. Salah satu alternatif lain untuk elakkan penggunaan cermin mata adalah dengan menggunakan contact lens. Selain daripada membantu untuk meningkatkan kadar penglihatan, ia nya boleh nampak seseorang itu kelihatan fantastik.

Namun, lain pula bagi kisah yang dikongsikan oleh gadis yang bernama Adlina Hanim ni. Katanya dengan penggunaan contact lens, ia rasa lebih selesa dan nampak lebih style. Tapi lama kelamaan…

Mula pakai contact lens umur 17 tahun

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I have been wanting to write this post for so long ; so hear me up ladies who wear CONTACT LENS .

I started to wear contact lens when I was 17 because at that time rabun dah naik and pakai spec tudung “tak jadi” . Bila start pakai I feel like “yass, i got my eyes back ????????” its super comfortable and super eyetastic (fantastic) . So I rarely use my specs.

Makin kabur..

But then one day , my friend and I decided to go to the beach & everything in my vision was all instant iPhone’s filter so I asked them is it hazy here or is it just my eyes ? And they said it is my eyes. I thought perhaps its the lenses thats dry out . So back to my room I take it out , and my visions got even more blurry ???? I put on my specs and it got better but when I put it down it went blurry again . “Power naik ni” I thought.

Rasa mata macam ‘cucuk cucuk’

So esoknya I went to kedai spec to check & he said that my power increased from 300 to 450 ???????? thats not good . But then I feel like something “cucuk cucuk” mata & rasa macam mata nak terkeluar sakit ???? . This is really not good . Went to the clinic and doctor cakap my eyes kena infection bacteria so he gave me some eye drops & it burnt like hell in my eyes . Back to room , I slept.

Hampir buta

The next day my mom called & forced me to go to the hospital , then my dad came from Kedah to UTP & bring me to KPJ Ipoh and got my eyes checked by the specialist .
Doctor cakap my cornea “terkoyak” & thank god we went to see the doctor early and tak jadi ulser lagi . Doctor cakap if dah jadi ulser , I might end up blind . I was scared for a moment there . I told him, I always , ALWAYS , clean my lens and change it every months and always buy the expensive one . But heres the thing “Contact lens will harm your eyes , it just a matter of times , & now your time has come” – Doctor.
I almost lost my sight and I swear to god its so painful.

Kalau nak pakai untuk cantik, hentikan!

So ladies , to those who wear lens for the sake of beauty only , please stop . Its not worth to loose your eyes for beauty if you can’t see beauty itself tomorrow . & those who wear it sebab rasa dapat mata sendiri balik , we can change to specs or buat lasik Try to avoid using lens ,this may look ridiculous but it won’t if it happened to you Just my 20 cents ??????

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