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March 18th, 2020 | by Amirul Asraf
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Bekas isteri chef selebriti terkenal iaitu Dato Redzuawan Bin Ismail atau lebih dikenali sebagai Chef Wan disahkan meninggal dunia hari ini. Berita tersebut dimaklumkan sendiri oleh Chef Wan di akaun Instagram miliknya.


Dengan rasa dukacitanya saya ingin memberitahu bahawa my x wife had just passed away di Hospital Ampang.
Am making all the necessary arrangement for the funeral esok and will inform all my relatives later.

Menurut Chef Wan, bekas isterinya baru sahaja menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya di Hospital Ampang. Tambahnya, dia akan mengatur semua urusan pengebumian bekas isterinya esok dan akan memberitahu berita sedih tersebut kepada semua ahli keluarga.

There no way to save her leg

My daughter visiting me after visiting her mother at GH hospital. Her diabetes sore from the leg has turned to gangrine and from the MRI showed that there no way to save her leg except to be amputated asap. Otherwise it can destroy the heart and she can die due to the infection spresding up wards to other organs too. We were told today even the second leg with sore also need to be amputated. But they will do one first as she has a weak heart and loosing 2 legs at the same time is too much for her. We were told to think about this asap and make our quick decision.

However the dr said there risk from this amputation as her heart is also weak. She can die from this operation too! This really put us in a difficult position. To amputate or not still we are taking the risk. I was told by my son yesterday that she was so depressed hearing this new. As devastated as we are as families we all have warn her about her eating habits for years knowing she is suffering from diabetes. She would not take my advice and i kind of expected this one day would happened. By late dad was the same. He died of diabetes after they amputated his leg after 2 years. At that time his 2nd leg was going to be amputated too but he had a heart attack and passed away 7 years ago. So sad to hear this new.

I told my daughter what i can do now after the surgery is to hire a nurse to care for her and care for her at my home with my mother. Its difficult for the kids to care for her as they are busy with their work. At least i have my maid, her current maid which i hire too and my driver to take her to her 3x a week dialysis.Omg such a huge challenge and responsibilities i will need to face now.

Sebelum ini, Chef Wan pernah memuat naik satu posting di mana, sebelum anaknya Serina melawatnya di hospital, anaknya itu sempat melawat bekas isterinya yang turut terlantar di hospital. Chef Wan turut memberitahu bahawa bekas isterinya itu akan menjalani pembedahan memotong kedua-dua belah kakinya disebabkan diabetes. Bahkan, nyawa isterinya pada masa itu dalam keadaan bahaya kerana jantungnya agak lemah. Namun, kuasa Allah pembedahan isterinya selamat dijalankan.

Salam Takziah

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