Chef Wan Kritik “San Andreas” Macam Filem Tamil

June 2nd, 2015 | by Ash Nordin
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Chef selebriti Malaysia Redzuawan Ismail atau lebih dikenali sebagai Chef Wan ada memuat naik sekeping foto di Instagram meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati terhadap filem terbaru San Andreas.

Dalam kapsyen, dia samakan filem tersebut sama seperti tamil dan lakonan mereka yang agak ‘kayu’.

Macam Tengok Filem Tamil Pula

Morning..Departing at noon to Denpasar Bali. Last night i saw the movie San Andreas. When i saw the movie promo with all the building falling on each other in San Francisco it looks good. But last night after watching the entire movie i was very disappointed.Its like watching some Filem Tamil pulak banyak drama yg di reka into the story like that seem too cheesy for me. The dialogue was lame and u should the faces of all the cast that cannot deliver their line with all that is happening to their life and families.This i notice scene after scene..Esp the character of the mother searching after her daugter can give that look to her face…too relax and bad acting.Only toward the end when her daughter was discovered almost dead baru she can feel for it. Even Dwayne Johnson acting was very weak.With all this buildings falling over each other he is riding the helicopter like so relax la. I can over how relax they were manouvering the speed boat among all that thrash and building falling apart not a single body floating except rubbish mcm dia naik boat crusing around the canal in Venice pulak. Such crap! There no conti in term of their out fit or scratches and cuts over their faces and body too. One minutes u see cuts and bruises all over during the Quake then their faces look so clean and mcm tak ada apa2 accident yg berlaku. Ok la all that Earthquake and Sound system all computer generated seem real. Honestly there no story to the whole movie. What a joke with such massive destruction to the entire city the father can locate to save the x wife and daughter too with no problem at all! ” hey honey lets cruise the boat and ……of there she is! What about the x wife on top of the building jumping from one fallen concrete to another to be safe by x hubby on the helicopter! too cheesy la. Are u kidding me? I am not a bloody fool! Just to entertain yourself and not looking into all the detail of good acting and the making of it tu ok la…Everything in this movie is predictable pulak tu.I just sat there bored and saying ok whats next…bring them it! The movie is a flop! #chefwan

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Menurut Chef Wan, filem tersebut sangat bagus dari segi sistem yang digunakan tapi jalan cerita hancur dan tidak logik. Selain itu, dia juga ada kritik lakonan Dwayna Johnson yang tidak memberansangkan termasuk beberapa babak terutamanya ekspresi muka watak seorang ibu yang sedang mencari anak perempuannya.

Saya Pernah Alami Sendiri Ketika Berada Di San Francisco


Dalam komen Chef Wan ada mengatakan bahawa filem itu kurang logik kerana dia sendiri pernah alami kejadian gempa bumi tersebut sekitar tahun 1986 ketika dia berada di San Francisco.

I went through myself the big Earthquake of 1989 in San Francisco at 5.17pm on Oct 17…69 people died and it was only 6.9 rict scale ke…i road infront of my home masa saya berdiri Omg bergelombang mcm waves and the rows of Victorian houses next to one another on top of Seward St yg saya duduk just 2 block away from Castro street heading to Market Street tu were flapping away as though u arrange all the rows of books together then u flap them side by side at a very fast speed.Masa tu saya dah mengucap and said…..This is it! I was just walking out side my home to go to the Hyatt hotel Embarcadero for my duty at 6pm.It was such a terrifying experiences….The stairway of my home had moved 4 feet away from the door way and all the window glasses just burts and pecah mcm tu bertaburan! 3 months later saya cabut ambil kerja as a private chef in Honolulu sebab takut mati di telan dik bumi nanti mcm cerita Semerah Padi itu!

Ini pandangan Chef Wan mengenai filem tu, kalau korang pula macam mana?

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