Gadis Berhijab Ini Menaiki Keretapi & Apa Yang Terjadi Selepas Itu Pasti Buat Anda Geram.. Kejam Gila!

November 20th, 2015 | by Ash Nordin
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Sejak dari apa yang terjadi di Paris beberapa hari lepas, sindrom Islamophobia makin menular di setiap masyarakat di Eropah. Kebanyakan orang di sana  sudah memandang orang muslim sebagai pengganas dan boleh membahayakan nyawa diorang.

Ini terjadi kepada wanita yang baru berumur 19 tahun yang bernama Yasmin.. Yasmin ketika itu berada dalam keretapi dan apa yang terjadi selepas itu mungkin dia tidak akan lupa selama-lamanya.. Alahai kesiannya.. Sabar je lah..

Seorang lelaki warga Jerman pandang sinis..

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I didn’t want to post this on Facebook, but if I don’t people will never hear the other side of the story. Today on my way from Germany back to Holland my train stopped at 12 o’ clock for a minute to pay respects for the victims of Paris’ terror attacks. I thought that was really beautiful, although it disturbed me that the lives lost in Beirut and Baghdad did not seem worth mentioning. Anyways, after the minute ended the train continued and a German guy sitting in front of me turned around with so much hatred and I could already sense what was going to happen.

Harapakan Perang Dunia Ke-3 akan musnahkan Islam di Eropah

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And there he went talking about how my volks are responsible for this, that he hopes for a third world war to end the Islamisation of Europe, that it would be a dream if we would all be earsed from the face of the earth or at least go back to where we come from, that on the inside we were all the same – terrorists, and that he could barely look at me with my monstrous rag around my head (almost laughed at this one – almost).

Lebih baik diam diri..

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.26.22 PM

Since I hadn’t said anything to that point he ended with “I bet you didn’t even understand a word I’m saying.” I didn’t want to discuss with him because I knew it would lead to no where but at this point I felt so insulted on so many different levels and was angry and disappointed and just sad. How could someone hate me so much, without even knowing me? There was so much I wanted to say, among those deeply unfriendly things, for example how his ‘volks’ are responsible for 2 World Wars and the death of millions of lives.

Instead I answered in my flawless German that I was deeply shocked by the attacks of Paris but that his behavior shocked me almost as much. That the joined forces of IS, Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram make up 0.003% (!!!) of the Muslim population and that it is simply unrealistic and stupid to blame 1.6 billion Muslims for the unjustifiable acts of a few crazy people. And because I was becoming angrier by the minute amd just wanted to poke his eye out at some point, I added that his imprudent words reminded me heavily of the words of a fanatic responsible for the death of 6 million Jews and millions of other human beings.

Think before you speak!

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.25.51 PM

I don’t think he was expecting me to answer because he just looked at me silently. So I ended with “think before you speak, words are more powerful that you think. Please turn around and have a nice day”. I turned up the Quran I was listening to and tried to hold back the tears as I heard a child ask his mom somewhere behind me, why we were fighting and the mom replied “because her people are responsible for killing many innocent people dear”. “But why is she upset mom?”, asked the little boy, maybe around 7 years old, like my baby sister. The moms reply: ” I don’t know, it doesn’t matter sweetheart.”

Semua orang dalam train kunci mulut

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.28.56 PM

The train was full, there were barely empty seats, did ANYONE bother to say ANYTHING? No. Silence. And that silence almost hurt more than everything else. It doesn’t matter? It doesn’t matter that a 19 year old is being verbally assaulted and accused of being a terrorist and nearly 30 grown ups sit there and do NOTHING?????

Jangan hukum wanita bertudung kerana dianggap pengganas

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Please people the next time you see a hijabi girl, please don’t attack her religion or make her feel like she has to justify herself. Instead give her a hug and say that you hope nobody has humiliated her yet today. Wearing the hijab is NOT a burden, unless society makes it one. It takes a lot of strength and not everybody has this strength for exactly these reasons.

Please don’t make it more difficult than it is and please for God’s sake stop accusing me of being one of ‘them’. I am not a terrorist and the fact that I have to say this shows how broken our socety is.
Great start of the week. To all my hijabi sisters and Muslim friends: be strong, it’s not going to get better so just be strong. To everyone else: have a nice day xx

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