Lelaki Cina Ini Ambil Anak Angkat Melayu Sejak Usia 9 Tahun Setelah Kematian Ibu Bapanya. Salute!

October 8th, 2015 | by Noraniza
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Di sebalik kisah-kisah negatif  yang sering mengapikan hubungan baik antara kaum, sebenarnya banyak lagi kisah terpencil yang harus dikongsi dengan masyarakat.

Sebagai contoh, Stanley Yeong telah menjaga anak gadis Melayu ini daripada umur 9 tahun sehingga kini sudah berkahwin! Ternyata, nilai kemanusiaan itu tidak harus dikira menerusi kaum, tetapi individu. Setuju tak?

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Lately, like many others I was angry with Malaysia. We fought for positive change. I even prayed hard for divine intervention. I know i can only do my small part, But if awareness are created, and each of us do our own little part, believe me, we can make a big difference.

Today, I picked up enough courage to share one of my secrets. It was an anticipated visit from my foster daughter Hayati Abdullah, her husband and her in-laws all the way from Kelantan. It’s been a long journey for Yati.

Tragedy struck her when Yati lost both her parents in a road accident in Kelantan when Yati was nine.
Yati’s late father Sudin, was my handy man when I laid the pipeline to supply clean water from Jerantut River towards Taman Negara many years ago. It was part of a programme by the state government of Pahang to improve the livelihood of those in the rural areas.

In fostering Yati, I looked into her wellbeing, welfare and finances. Her residencial care and her education were first priority. When she turned 12, we have difficulties in getting her an identity card as her parents never register her at birth. With help from a Senior Police officer friend in Tumpat and a Ketua Kampung, we took two years to register her with the name Hayati binte Abdullah.

Today, Yati is happily married and run her own food business with help from her in-laws in Kota Baru.
It took me hours deliberating whether to share this secret story of mine.

I thought that i should and since Yati is here with me, I could write this story so that others who read this…. could be encourage and be touched to emulate this. It would also bring positive thoughts and change in the light of this present tense situation facing Malaysian with extremist view threatening peace and harmony among the races in Malaysia.

By sharing this story, I trust too! that people who read this, would be encouraged to spread goodwill among the races. In humanity, we are to be colour blind. We are not to look at their religion or culture. We are all created by God.

Therefore, let’s foster this goodwill of friendship among the races in Malaysia and allow our wounds to be healed, so that peace and harmony may prevail.

I pray that more righteous men and women will rise up, speak up and offer themselves for leadership in the betterment of Malaysians and for a better Malaysia.
Do share this with your friends if you are encouraged.
God bless Malaysia.

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