Pesanan Menyayat Hati Suami Fasha Sandha Sebagai Seorang Ayah Kepada Anaknya

April 16th, 2015 | by Noraniza
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Jika selama ni kita selalu mendengar luahan hati seorang ibu, kali ini kami bawakan luahan hati seorang bapa pula. Kenalah fair and square gitu.

Nak tahu siapa yang kami nak highlightkan kali ini? Sudah tentulah suami Fasha Sandha, Rizal Ashram Ramli ataupun lebih dikenali sebagai Jejai.

Apa yang diluahkan di laman Instagramnya untuk hari lahir anaknya ini bukan sahaja menyentuh hati kami, malah hati bapa-bapa sedunia. Daddy..daddy cool!

Rayfal – My little commando

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My dearest rayfal
So, here we are, another year later on your birthday. The second year was so much different than the first. By the time you turned one, you weren’t talking or walking, much less doing more than crawling macam askar. My little commando.

15 Months Later…

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But all that changed just before you turned 15 months. you became an Olympian in manjaness, speed crawling and before i knew it you were walking, letting yourself into all of our rooms, reaching for all of yop rayqal’s lego and my radio control toys, throwing just about anything you can get you hands on and getting into all kinds of trouble, including but not limited to bumping your forehead at every bucu dalam rumah, daddy and ibu had to child proof the whole house just for you.

Pening daddy and ibu but it is all worth it as i will never get to experience that moment again as you grow. You were the baby who didn’t move a muscle, now dah besar and won’t sit still. Cepat betul anak daddy ni besar.

Most rewarding feeling…

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I’ll never forget when you turned 13 months old. The first time you wouldn’t cry if ibu left the room. Since then, I could tell that you wanted me and that you loved me. That is the most rewarding feeling in the world Alhamdullilah.

You never see me cry…

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Though you probably never see me cry, (as of now it has taken me an hour to write this letter) you would see a 38 year-old man who can barely keep himself together. I didn’t cry a single tear the morning you were born. You were just a strange baby who couldn’t talk. My job at that point was basically just to keep you alive.

I cannot imagine life without you sayang. This is the first time I’ve simply been overwhelmed by my love for you.

So I guess my message to you on your second birthday is simply this: You are awesome. Your boundless energy, your creative spirit, it all comes together to make you a truly remarkable little human being.

Sayang, Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh kepada ibu bapa, ingat kepada tuhan, menjadi orang yang berguna dan berbakti kepada masyarakat dan negara.
Thank you for being my son. I can’t thank Allah enough for you.

Make me proud my awesome son insyaAllah
Love always and forever


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