‘Kenapa Diskriminasi Mereka?’ – Chef Wan Tak Setuju Hanya Tukang Masak Tempatan Dibenarkan Bekerja

June 23rd, 2018 | by Amat
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Baru-baru ini Kementerian Sumber Manusia menggesa semua restoran di Malaysia mengambil tukang masak tempatan untuk bekerja di restoran masing-masing. Malah, peraturan baharu itu akan dikuatkuasakan mulai 1 Januari 2019. Hal demikian adalah untuk mengurangkan pengambilan pekerja asing sekali gus menjaga kualiti makanan tempatan.

Ini pandangan suara Chef Wan terhadap isu ini yang kurang bersetuju dengan tindakan Kementerian Sumber Manusia untuk memberhentikan pekerja asing sebagai tukang masak di restoran tempatan.

Jika ada sifat kotor, ajar mereka

I was asked to comment last night on this issue by Harian Metro. I find this new ruling to be racist. How can we stopped other races in this world to acquire knowledge and skill in any cusine of the world. Food like love has no boundary. We have many Malaysian chefs across the world working in so many cities of the world doing the same thing. So my question to the minister why is it diff suddenly other inmigrants in this country cannot cook Malaysian food simply because they are not Malaysian? Why do we need to discriminate them?
Negara lain tak pulak treat other races mcm 2nd class citizen. Minister of Finance cannot be chinese, Peguam Negara tak boleh Indian pandai pulak kita marah to discriminate our own fellow Malaysian but we can do that to the rest of world? Tukang masak or Peguam Negara mau pun Menteri pun its a job perform by us human beings. If their chefs are not good then train them la and improved their skills. Jika ada sifat pengotor ajar la mereka and supervise all this restaurants and food out let lah to meet certain standard of food hygience, sanitation etc.

Lihat kelemahan kita sendiri

Ini tak saya dengar banyak restaurant yg kotor ni kata mereka boleh rasuah lagi bila yg dtg check restaurants mereka jika nak kena fine. This has been happening for years.
So nak salah siapa? Ingat just because we only hire Malaysian chef our standard of food can be better? Sikap Msian Chefs kita tu sebenarnya yg need huge improvement!
Daripada kita menundingkan jari pada orang2 Asing ini ada la lebih kita lihat kelemahan kita sendiri. Over the years these country loose alot of chefs to other countries.
Tak usah pi jauh la. Singapore tu pun cukup. Why? They are better paid and respected more then working in this country pun. The grass is greener on the other side so depa cabut lah.
Can u blame them for doing that? Any passionate human beings can be a good chef regardless of their race pun jika they were given proper training if the owners of all this hospitality industry are serious in improving their Malaysian food. If as a chef i work in Sydney, London, Paris to improve my skills in those country cusine and suddenly was told i cant as i am not good enough how would i feel? Kecewa kan?

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