Bertindik Di Hidung Kerana ‘Social Experiment’, Bagaimanapun Gadis Ini Disalah Anggap & Digelar ‘Lembu’

August 26th, 2015 | by Ash Nordin
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Siapa sangka niat seorang gadis dan rakannya yang ingin buat eksperimen akhir sekali dapat kritikan negatif dari netizen. Ramai yang mengatakan tindakan gadis yang memakai ‘septum ring’ itu tidak sensitif dan lebih teruk lagi, gadis itu digelar lembu di ruangan komen Instagram miliknya.

‘Elok la tu jadi lembu terus..’

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Jelas sekali tindakan gadis ni mengundang rasa tak puas hati netizen. Tapi sebenarnya dia ni hanya nak buat ‘social experiment/study’ untuk lihat reaksi masyarakat bila dia memakai ‘septum ring’ tu.. Ohh gitu rupanya cerita dia..

‘My friend and I were joking around..’

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Morning guys! Just wanted to tell you guys to chill about my previous post hehe.. My friend and I were joking around in getting this fake septum ring to do a “social study” to see how you would react in seeing me wear it. Honestly I’m not ready for such a big commitment such as piercing my nose cause I am indeed a heavy sneezer. Lewlz.

‘REALLY sad when reading your comments..’

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But the thing that got me REALLY sad when reading your comments was that I find some of em are quite insensitive and over-generalising, saying that it represents a certain type of people or animal. I mean yeah, they may be associated with piercings and whatnot, but are you aware that it might be a big part of some other cultures that is not yours? (Especially in a multiracial country like ours). I’m sure you do.

‘Stop labelling, stop judging, start loving’

So please, even if you disagree on something in life or if something doesn’t suit to your liking just cause it’s different, please be more sensitive in your speech and actions towards the people around you cause yeah, you’re not the only one living in this world, y’know. In fact, our differences is what makes this world so damn beautiful.
Stop labelling, stop judging, start loving.????????????????????????? #everyoneisbeautiful 
Ps: can’t stop staring at this gorg stained glass window????

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