‘I Pity Nad, Because I Know Her As A Smart..’- Asyraf Khalid ‘Backup’ Isu Nad Zainal

August 24th, 2015 | by Ash Nordin
Isu & Kontroversi

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Disebalik isu dan kontroversi yang melanda pelakon comel Nad Zainal, masih ada yang sangkal perangai Nad yang dikatakan bermasalah tu. Baru-baru ni, bekas pengurus Nad Zainal pula lepas marah di laman sosial Facebook. Fuhh memang serious habis ni.

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Walaubagaimana pun, anak Datuk K, Asyraf Khalid tampil memberi pandangan mengenai Nad Zainal yang sememangnya lain dengan apa yang diperkatakan oleh orang ramai. Mungkin Asyraf Khalid lebih mengenali Nad lagi lama kot, sebab tu dia dah masak benar dengan perangai dan tingkah laku Nad. Hmm..

“I think that she is very humble and down to earth”

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Good Evening everyone,
I just want to address an issue surrounding one of A Klasse’s latest signing, ‘The Girl Next Door’, Nad Zainal.
Recently, there has been a statement from her previous manager about her so called ‘bad behaviour’. Personally, I pity Nad, because i know her as a smart, humble and kind person, who is out going and cheerful. I think that she is very humble and down to earth.

“I can’t comment on things i don’t know..”

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I can’t comment on things i don’t know, but i know for a fact that Nad Zainal has a very good personality, and its easy for people to approach her, and i feel that she is always ‘ikhlas’ when doing something.
When someone without any credibility say something, I think we should take what they say with a pinch of salt. Adding to that, someone with a bad motive. I pray Allah will give strength to all of us to fight evil thoughts.
I hope this situation will become better soon. I hope we can help resolve the issues with ease. I hope Nad can stay positive aswell.

“To Nad, stay strong, and always be yourself”
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Moving forward, I would like to thank all Nad’s fans on behalf of her for their continuous support and for showing so much love for Nad Zainal.
To Nad, stay strong, and always be yourself. Let’s focus on getting your career to new height. I’m sure with A Klasse, we can help make you shine even brighter than before. We have faith in you Nad. We are proud to represent you.

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