Tok, You’re Forever My Sultan – Luahan Cucu Sultan Kedah Buat Netizen Sayu

September 11th, 2017 | by Wan
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Sultan Kedah Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah mangkat di Istana Anak Bukit, Alor Setar petang tadi. Malaysia khususnya negeri Kedah kehilangan seorang Sultan yang berjiwa rakyat.

Raja Sarina Iskandar, cucu Sultan Kedah menerusi akaun Instagram miliknya meluahkan rasa sayu atas kemangkatan.

Luahan Raja Sarina

Dearest Tok,

Today and forever, Kedah and Malaysia have lost one of their greatest kings. Your dedication to Kedah and Malaysia has inspired me growing up. When you were Agong for the second time at the age of 83, I moved in with you at Istana Negara. It was then that I saw for the first time the behind the scenes of your life.

I saw you skip your meals to practise your speeches or to be in the office. Which 80-something man would do that? Most of us dream of retiring at 50 if we can! But you never could even if you wanted to. And there were times, more often than people knew, when you were ill but still continued with your Agong and Sultan duties.

Menurut Raja Sarina, beliau mengikuti Sultan Abdul Halim berpindah dan tinggal di Istana Negara ketika dilantik Agong buat kali yang kedua pada 2011.

Walaupun ketika itu sudah berumur lebih 80 tahun dan sering gering, Sultan Abdul Halim tetap menjalankan peranan sebagai Agong.

Tok; you’re forever my Sultan

In between functions you would be in the hospital ward. When you would leave the ward, I would watch you on TV looking normal as you greet the the PM, govt ministers and the rakyat. But as soon as the event was over, you would return to the hospital ward with tubes connected to your body. Even on your sickest day, you would be ON TIME. You would never make anyone wait.

This is the side of a king no one knows. You don’t simply sit on a throne and enjoy your riches despite what many ignorantly think. There are sacrifices because you can’t have a normal life. There is no privacy and no normal schedule. Your status is an amanah from Allah.

People are unforgiving when leaders make mistakes and my Tok always made sure he did the very best. When I told him this blog or that person insulted him, he was never angry. He was calm and would simply say: “I did my best.” __
You did the very best and more your WHOLE life Tok. The reason I know how to be a good princess is because you taught me how. I love you so much Tok; you’re forever my Sultan. Al-Fatihah.

Tambah Raja Sarina lagi, Sultan Abdul Halim banyak menghabiskan masa di wad atas faktor kesihatan namun tetap menghadiri acara rasmi bersama perdana menteri dan rakyat tepat pada masanya. Apabila acara tersebut berakhir, Sultan Kedah akan kembali ke wad hospital bagi meneruskan rawatan.

Raja Sarina percaya Sultan Abdul Halim telah buat yang terbaik sebagai Sultan kepada rakyat jelata.

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