“You’ve Lost My Support”- Surat Terbuka Pemuda Ini Yang Sangat Kecewa Dengan UMNO

July 29th, 2015 | by Noraniza
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Seperti yang sedia maklum, semalam Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Razak secara rasminya telah menggugurkan jawatan timbalannya, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yaasin dan digantikan dengan Datuk Seri Dr Zahid Hamidi.

Dek kerana itu, ramai pihak mula berang dengan tindakan tersebut dan memihak kepada Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yaasin. Termasuklah anak muda, Syed Saddiq ini yang berani meluahkan perasaannya terhadap peristiwa tersebut di laman Facebooknya.


Salam YB DS Najib Razak,

I am a Malaysian whose Parents & grandparents have been hardcore Fans of UMNO.
I was brought up in an UMNO household,
I was educated with UMNO’s philosophies,
I was taught to always empathise with the struggles of UMNO.
There’s a saying that,
“Kami sudah sebati dengan UMNO, Darah daging UMNO”
However at this rate, i can no longer say that.
You’ve lost my support.
I am truly infuriated with what had transpired. I am quite confident that i am not alone on this matter.


I am not infuriated because our DPM is a Johorean,
nor is it because he’s been vocal on issues which I find close to my heart.
It’s an injustice committed in broad daylight when a dissenter is silenced.
A dissenter who’s given the mandate to forward the truth,
A dissenter who owes a moral obligation to the Rakyat to speak out on their behalf,
A dissenter who dissents in the wake of an unprecedented National crisis.
This dissenter did not cause the gov to suffer a trust deficit,
This dissenter did not engulf the gov in a multi-billion dollar scandal,
This dissenter is not being probed by multiple bodies for multiple allegations of corruption,
This dissenter just dissented yet he’s the one who got booted out.

najib muhyiddin

I am not a person who wields the hammer of power.
I am merely a member of the rakyat who genuinely (from the bottom of my heart) loves my Country.
It kills me to see the hammer of power being used against a dissenting voice.
I am a dissenter.
If someone as prominent & influential as the DPM can be silenced,
will i be silenced to?
My country is my world.
Call that indoctrination,
call that irrational,
I genuinely do not care.
What i do care is the fact that you’re destroying my world.
My beloved world.
I weep,
Malaysia Weeps,
You should as well.
A concerned Malaysian.

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